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Emperor of the Universe - BabyTron 「Lyrics」

(King of the whole galaxy)
(It's only one, one of one)
(When I'm gone, there's none to none)

Emperor of the Universe 「Lyrics」 - BabyTron

(King of the whole galaxy)
(It's only one, one of one)
(When I'm gone, there's none to none)

Double R the Wraith (Skrrt-skrrt), peekin' out the blinds (Yeah)
Heard the opps hip on the back door
Shit, boy, I'm creepin' out the side (On God)
I'm a boss, you a worker (Phew)
Like, why in the fuck is you speakin' outta line? (Phew)
Can't leave without it, boy, I need it on my side (Phew)
Feelin' kinda evil, it's a demon when I ride (Phew)

[Part II: Ginseng Strip 2002]

Spent twelve in the BAPE store (Pfft)
You that one guy the hoes used to rate low
You that one guy that blew it, now his pape' low
Let a bitch ask for somethin', I'ma say, "No" (Nope)
Let him try and pass the 'Wood, I'ma say "Nah" (Nah)
You ain't never seen the Drac' with the ACOG
Lamb' chops with the zip, fuck the steak sauce
Seen him out, he got to runnin' home like it's baseball (Phew-phew)

[Part III: Independent]

Bitch, if you ain't independent, stay yo' ass at home
Akhi slide down blowin' fully switches like they saxophones (Brrt)
Talk, "A body missin'," wait until they find a bag of bones
Had to go and hire thirty workers just to stash the 'low

[Part IV: Run It!]

(Brrt, damn)
(Shit, fuck, look, yeah)
(ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, you know what the fuck goin' on)
(Walk in, walk in)
Walk into the spot and run it like I'm Chris Breezy (Brrt)

Sweater by the Gallery, I think the kicks Yeezy (Yeezy)
Talk about some Johnny Dang, why yo' kit cheesy? (Why?)
In store, I'm Johnny Cage with this punchin', shit easy (Punch, punch, punch), huh

[Part V: Sittin' Sidewayz]

[Verse: BabyTron & Big Pokey]
(Sittin' sideways, boys in a daze) Sittin' sideways, I can get it five ways (Pfft, ha)
(Sittin' sideways, boys in a daze) Lil' brodie found out crime pays, he raised the crime rate
(Sittin' sideways, boys in a daze) Why the fuck he nickel dime and actin' like he buy weight? (Why?)
(On a Sunday night, I might bang me some Maze) Why the fuck the big body can't fit up in the driveway? (Skrrt, driveway)
(Sittin' side—)

[Part VI: Sorry Bout That]

(Damn, Trgc made that?)
She eat me up like it's Benihana (Brrt)
Walkin' out, kicks say Balenciaga
Hellkitty, it do one-fifty, this is not a Honda
I got the sauce, I got cheese, this is not lasagna
Hope they don't see me in public, got balaclava
Hope they don't bug me in public, got blicky (Bah-bah)
Big clip, Curtis Jack, got fifty (Bah-bah)
Interstate, seen cops, got shifty (Skrrt-skrrt)
Sippin' on some Wock', lil' bitch, this not big Bs, yeah (Phew, yeah)

[Part VII: Mask Off]

Had to go and take the mask off (Grrah)
Lil' cuddy, he don't rap, he just sittin' in the trap (Yeah), he just tryna go and get the bag off (Yeah, get it off)
Tryna get where I'm at? (Yeah) First, you gotta go and stack (Yeah), then you gotta go and work your ass off
Do the dash in the Trackhawk, spin out, burn out, then I'm finna go and stab off (Skrrt)
Finna tax dawg, like, "Fuck a half off"

[Part VIII: Ms. Jackson]

Sorry, Ms. Jackson (I'm sorry)
Nah, I ain't sorry, I'll scam your ass again (Again)

I'm just rappin' while I'm thinking, I don't even have a pen
Made a hunnid ten times, used to couldn't stack a ten, it's alright though (Sheesh)

[Part IX: Yeah!]

Called a choppa RDB, boy, it'll dropkick you (Fuck)
If you ain't SB DSM, then I am not with you (Nope)
Big pits, Saint Bernard, boy, this is not schnitzel (Brr)
Couldn't take a step in my shoes, boy, they do not fit you (Phew, huh)

[Part X: Hard in the Paint]


Ride around, AMG (Huh)
Ride around, K on me (Huh, phew)
Ride around turnt, I just pour a Quagen up in a Faygo cream (Hurt)
You ain't ride around nowhere (Nah)
You ain't ridin' nowhere with the tank on E (At all)
Blue check, walkin' out the bank on fleek
Quarter ticket in a month, it'd take four weeks (Brrt)

[Part XI: Freestyle]

(I'm just freestylin', bitch)
Chillin', I got Wocky' up in my body
Chillin' with Akhi, he ridin' with Tommy (Shh)

I hop off the jet, then I hop in the Masi' (Skrrt)
All that killer talk, bitch, you never dropped a body
I don't wrestle shit, I ain't Scotty 2 Hotty
Try and box us, you gon' get boxed up (Brrt)
Been on go since the jump, I ain't never stopped once, nah (Brrt, phew)

[Part XII: Forever]

Once you pull some dirt, you stick with it forever
Brodie on parole, don't give a fuck, he clutchin' it on tents (Ever)
See an opp at church, don't give a fuck, we stumpin' him wherever
Askin' 'bout the rap game? Gon' run this shit forever


I feel invincible (Like Superman)
Oh, we do too, we turnt his ass invisible (To a ghost)
They can't fuck with me, I put it on the biblical (On The Bible)
I could teach you sumn', fuck it, I'm the principal
The Backwoods original, the weed, it's exotic (Brrt)
Sleepin' and I'm slobbin' off the lean, bitch, I'm noddin'
2017, was stuffin' cheese in my Robin's (Yeah)
Thirty-three percent THC, breathin' toxins (Ha)
Who you think you stoppin'? (Ha)

[Part XIV: Rubbin off the Paint]

Tie him up and hold him hostage (Ah)
Catch him walkin' out, I peek right through the scope and drop it (Boom)
The way you treat yo' family, would've thought yo' bro's adopted
Goin' shoppin', spent two thousand on a lil' pole to pop it, haha (Pop)

[Part XV: It Was a Good Day]

If the play good (Phew), shit, the day good (Phew)
Fuck a pre-roll, I only face eighth 'Woods (Phew)
Shit, I'm high as hell, still gon' roll another one (Roll it up)
Talkin' 'bout you got the hoes, you with the runner ones

[Part XVI: What Happened To Virgil]

R.I.P. Virgil (Phew)
I just had Off-White on last night (Man, what happened?)
Jeans Purple (Phew), thirty-five bands stuffed, got the pants tight (God damn)
Steve Urkel (Yeah), two strands, doubled up, got a half pipe (Whew-whew)
Heard he down bad, that's a sad life
Tell the bitch, "Act nice," she can get some Act' right, yeah

[Part XVII: Still D.R.E.]


Drop the top (It's nice as hell out)
If you askin' 'bout the price, you gotta shop (You gotta buy sumn')
Yeah, I got some Wocky', shit, who got a pop? (Who got it?)
Tell my shooter, "Hit him in his top, he gotta drop" (He got it)
Shit, we got a opp (Got it)

[Part XVIII: Faneto]

I'm a gorilla (Woo)
The stick's vanilla (Grrt)
Slidin' round in foreigns, cost three hunnid just to fill 'em
I pull up, hit the bitch, I get to ballin' like I'm Billins (Splash, bitch)
Talkin' all that false shit, I don't feel 'em (I don't feel 'em)

[Part XIX: California Love]

Out in Cali', up in Compton where it ain't safe (Yeah)
Bosses wake up and get to it, only lames hate (Squares)
I could do this everyday, this not the same pape' (Nope)
You better walk back to that porch, 'cause we don't play safe

[Part XX: Juicy]

Stop claimin' you real if you be backstabbin' (Man)

I was full time rappin', now I'm back active (For real)
Why you cappin' 'bout the past? Shit, yo' mans had it
This is not no COOGI, it's some Gucci, check the damn fabric

[Part XXI: Bleed It]